Vegan Vipassana

Is Vipassana meditation recommended for vegans? Definitely! I personally think meditation¬†can be beneficial to many people. It might even be a good idea to start teaching it to kids (at school)¬†around the world. But next to this it can definitely be a life-changer for vegans, especially those that are frustrated with the world as we … Continue reading Vegan Vipassana

Doubting to travel?

Are you doubting to go into the world and travel around, mostly because you’re a vegan or vegetarian? Please don’t! Nowadays vegetarianism and even veganism is growing, around the world. You can perfectly travel as a vegan while still enjoy a new culture, connect with people and eat delicious and animal- and eco friendly food. … Continue reading Doubting to travel?

Vegan cooking class at On’s Thai-isaan restaurant (Kanchanaburi)

While eating at the amazing On’s Thai-isaan restaurant (read my review here) another volunteer at ElephantsWorld advised me to do the vegan cooking class with On. For only 600 baht she will show you her magic tricks, you’ll get the recipes with all the ‘secret’ ingredients and she will even make you dance while stirring … Continue reading Vegan cooking class at On’s Thai-isaan restaurant (Kanchanaburi)