Spain / Catalonia – Vegan basics

Catalonia (Catalunya in Catalan and Cataluña in Spanish) is an autonomous region in northeastern Spain, with a rich history. Most Catalans are very proud of their history, culture and own language. The languages spoken and/or written are both Spanish and Catalan, but in the city most people will understand English. Some translations for keywords can be found down below. If you … Continue reading Spain / Catalonia – Vegan basics

How to see elephants in the right way, without the abuse

The amazingly big and strong elephant, an extremely smart non-human animal with human-like features, a vegan by nature and the proud symbol of Thailand. But although amazing, our big friends mostly had, or are still having, a rough life. Elephant ‘abusement’ is still widespread, please read on and see how you can help. Most people go … Continue reading How to see elephants in the right way, without the abuse

Doubting to travel?

Are you doubting to go into the world and travel around, mostly because you’re a vegan or vegetarian? Please don’t! Nowadays vegetarianism and even veganism is growing, around the world. You can perfectly travel as a vegan while still enjoy a new culture, connect with people and eat delicious and animal- and eco friendly food. … Continue reading Doubting to travel?