Vegan Vipassana

7 thoughts on “Vegan Vipassana”

  1. i liked everything you wrote here. i’m personally convinced that meditation can be one of the greatest uplifting things for humanity. i was once registered for a vipassana course but i backpedalled. i still want to do it but it seems so so impossible for my mind :-)

    had to think of “those who we think deserve love the least, need it the most” :-)


  2. This made so much sense to me! The first year after I went vegan I got so angry towards my parents because I didn’t get why they didn’t go vegan after I told and showed them all the facts. On the way, I learned that just doing my thing and embracing vegan food is what makes people interested in the vegan lifestyle. The positive and encouriging approach is definetly the way the go.
    And when I was doing voluteerwork in Thailand (Mindfullness monestary project) I learned a lot about buddism. The only thing I couldn’t get my head around was the fact that not all monks are, at least, vegetarians while at the same time we learned that all life is sacred and to follow the motto “let all living beings be full of loving kindness”. So contradicting, right?
    After reading this, I just decided that in my next trip I’m gonna do a Vipassana course. I’m excited for it, but at the same time it’s kinda freaking me out hahah. Well, I will see…

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    1. Hi Nina, what a wonderful reply :) Thank you!
      And yes, I had the same frustrations, even still but way less. But instead of focusing on those that are too attached to their ‘obstacles’ (like their craving for the flavors and fear of being an outcast, etc.), I am now focusing on the wider public by doing this blog and other stuff. If I can have multiple minor impacts around the world, I will do better for the planet than wasting all my energy on ‘converting’ the (stubborn) people around me. At least I am showing them that vegan living is perfectly doable, so if they might be ready to switch, they know where to find me :)

      And definitely do Vipassana! I am sure you will do great, just trust the experience and don’t give up, it’s only 10 days and you will most definitely walk away with new and helpful insights!

      The volunteering work sounds great! But yeah, it’s hard to grasp why monks aren’t all vegan! I think it comes down to the fact that ‘even’ monks are just people, they all have their flaws. And they might interpret ‘may all beings be happy’ just as selective as our society tends to do. But when I will find the time soon (I am now starting up my own ethical advertisement agency), I will focus on veganise vipassana. They are just a minor step away from living as they claim to do, not harming any beings :)

      Enjoy your sunday!


  3. Hi,

    Really liked your post. I’m about to complete a year being vegan, and I’ve gone through many emotions during this time, and yes, lots of frustration for the world around us which I’m sure every ethical vegan will have, at some point or another.

    I wish to do a 10-day Vipassana course later this year and was wondering whether I’ll get vegan meals. Having read your post, looks like I’m in safe hands (hopefully).


    1. Hi Abhishek,
      That’s awesome! Congrats in advance :)
      And as far as I know most retreat centers have very vegan friendly food. I could eat almost everything, only for dessert I sometimes had to skip. But feel free to email the place you are going to meditate and see if they can accommodate you even more. Good luck with the course!


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