Vegan Barcelona

Barcelona, a huge city with much to offer. Culturally-wise, for relaxing, partying, but definitely when it comes to vegan food. I’ll try to cover some aspects and share other blogs that have seen even more of te city down below. Barcelona can also be called BCN in short (not ‘Barca’, that is the short name … Continue reading Vegan Barcelona

Spain / Catalonia – Vegan basics

Catalonia (Catalunya in Catalan and Cataluña in Spanish) is an autonomous region in northeastern Spain, with a rich history. Most Catalans are very proud of their history, culture and own language. The languages spoken and/or written are both Spanish and Catalan, but in the city most people will understand English. Some translations for keywords can be found down below. If you … Continue reading Spain / Catalonia – Vegan basics

How to see elephants in the right way, without the abuse

The amazingly big and strong elephant, an extremely smart non-human animal with human-like features, a vegan by nature and the proud symbol of Thailand. But although amazing, our big friends mostly had, or are still having, a rough life. Elephant ‘abusement’ is still widespread, please read on and see how you can help. Most people go … Continue reading How to see elephants in the right way, without the abuse